Warexpo was created in 1975 as a state-owned company. Its main scope of activity included graphic design, decoration and setting arrangement for public events and national holidays celebrated in the city of Warsaw as well as organization and production of art expositions. During its long history many renowned graphic designers have cooperated with the company. Since 1976 Warexpo has also been the main organizer of annual Warexpo Art Fairs. The company’s first headquarters were located at no. 11/13 Bracka street in Warsaw.

In 1998 the company was commercialized by the then owner, the City of Warsaw. It has changed its legal form and structure. Since then the main scope of activity of the company has included out of home advertisement services. The company’s assets have also included the advertisement column network.

Today Warexpo owns and manages the largest advertisement column network in Warsaw. Its premium location along the main arteries of the city has allowed our Customers to carry out highly efficient OOH advertisement campaigns. Strategic locations result in excellent visibility of campaigns. Modern design of our advertisement columns provides them with elegant and aesthetically attractive form of exposition.

With Warexpo you can reach up to 7 million viewers with your advertisement. We achieve it through integration of the potential of advertisement columns in Warsaw and 8 largest cities in Poland with the impact of LED screens in public transportation in the Warsaw area agglomeration. Our offer includes complex services from campaign planning up to its realization. New in our offer are content marketing and social communication services.